SAP Modules

‘Launch your SAP Career with a complete SAP Modules Course’ Are you looking for a comprehensive course on SAP modules that will transform your career as a SAP professional? Do you want to learn the tools and technologies associated with SAP to get a better pay package or land your desired position at reputed companies? Then, we have a complete SAP training program for you and more. This SAP Modules course will give you a competitive edge in today’s cut-throat competition in the job market. The course curriculum developed by our team of experts will help you gain the required expertise in SAP modules to launch your career.

SAP Modules

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Course Overview

What is SAP Modules?

SAP modules are software applications that are used to manage business operations such as finance, human resources, sales, marketing, production, material management, and more. The modules are divided into two types viz. fundamental modules and technical modules. The fundamental modules deal with business operations like HR, Finance, and Database Management. On the other hand, technical modules deal with the management of SAP as software. Read through to get an idea about the various topics included and the key features of the course.

SAP Modules Course: Overview

The SAP Modules course is designed for learners to get a deep understanding of SAP concepts through practical exercises and projects. The course curriculum is carefully designed to include all the latest updates and best industry practises. The course covers all important modules such as SAP FI (Financial Accounting), SAP MM (Materials Management), SAP SD (Sales Distribution), SAP HR (Human Resources), and more.  It provides a deeper understanding of all the SAP modules through ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), which is an in-demand technical skill that companies are looking for.

Key features

Comprehensive Curriculum: The course curriculum covers all the major topics and gives an idea of the various applications of SAP modules in an organization. All the latest topics and advancements in SAP, like how data is managed in a better ad effective manner after the latest version of SAP, are included in the curriculum. This will give the candidates a better understanding of the best practises in the industry and make them job-ready. After the successful completion of the program, the candidates will receive an industry-recognized course completion certificate that will add to their professional accolades.

Practical Exercises: Every module has practical exercises that the candidates have to do under the trainer’s guidance. These hands-on exercises will not only give them clarity of concept but also make them confident to face technical interviews for SAP profiles. The curriculum includes more than 20 assisted practical exercises in every module.

Expert Trainers: All trainers are certified professionals or have vast experience in the industry. Thousands of students have benefited from the guidance and support of our expert trainers. The course includes over 30 hours of practise exercises that are completely assisted by the trainers. Our aim is to train the candidates and make them industry-ready rather than simply delivering the concepts.

Placement Assistance: IBC Techno is one of the top placement-oriented software training institutes in Banaglore. We offer training and placements as a part of our placement-assist programme. We have placed over 10,000 candidates to date and are still counting. Every candidate enrolling in this program will get complete guidance and support both pre and post-placement.

What will you learn?

The course content is broadly divided into various modules for better understanding. Each module is then sub-divded into small topics that will be assisted by hands-on practical exercises for better understanding the concepts. The course also includes real-world projects that have to be completed by every candidate to receive the course completion certificate.


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Who Should Attend?

The SAP Modules course covers a wide range of topics, starting from the basics like the fundamentals of SAP to risk management and developing test plans. There is no specific condition on who can enroll in the course. However, analysing the trend and popularity of the course, the below mentioned candidates are most suited.

Job-Guarantee Assurance

IBC Techno is one of the best software training institutes in Bangalore. We have helped thousands of professionals and freshers land their dream jobs in the field of SAP. At IBC Techno, we offer a SAP Modules course that focuses on the job-readiness of the candidates through training and continuous support. Our infrastructure and team of trainers from the industry have contributed to the success of our program. Join us to kick-start your career as a SAP professional.

75% of our learners achieve career transition within 6 months of the program

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